Monday, June 24, 2013

SEO and Beyond The Book: Pssst! Got a Website?

Pssst!  Have you got a website?

Are people visiting it?

Is it showing up on Google?

If you said "NO!" to any of the above questions, then we highly recommend you keep reading.

We hear from business owners all the time ... either that their website doesn't show up on Google, or nobody visits.  They're also curious how to leverage other social media like Facebook, Twitter or Linked In.  

SEO Ann Arbor can help you optimize your website to attract more visitors and customers!  Plus we use about a million tricks of the trade so YOUR website gets Google's positive attention.  

The SEO techniques we use take a lot of time, and many of you business owners are already spending enough time at work, right? 

Well, we know there are a few brave souls out there ready to push up their sleeves and get to work. You may be one of them. So... believe it or not, we've harnessed our SEO brilliance and we've shared with you in our newly published book SEO and Beyond - How to Rocket Your Website to Page One of Google! 

Available on! 

If you're in the Ann Arbor area, give us a call at 734-619-0736 and we'll find a way to sign your copy!

 See the press release below and happy SEO-ing!